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Code of Conduct

Dress code

The following dress is not allowed:-

Male Student

  • Sleepers / Hawai Chappals
  • Offensive Writing and carry catcher on any Dress
  • Hipster Trousers
  • Sleeveless Shirts

Female Student

Dress which is not socially acceptable.
Fine will be charged on violation of dress code.


The designated areas for eating are Cafeterias. Students to consume meals in designated areas. Consuming of meals/ tea/ soft drinks is not allowed other than assigned areas. The students are advised to dispose off disposable crockery/ wrappers in dust bin. Eating and drinking is not allowed in Girls Common Room.
Fine will be imposed on violation.

Use of facilities (damage to any property)

The students are advised not to damage any asset and property i.e. writing or damaging of chairs and desks or any other item in Classroom, Lab, Toilets and Campus vicinity.
Fine will be charged to students keeping in view the nature of damage.

Placement of banners and posters

The designated areas for placement of Banners and Posters are outer walls of Quaid-e-Azam Block and Allama Iqbal Block. Banners and Posters will only be displayed on designated areas after seeking approval of Incharge Student Affairs.


Students are advised to take care of their belongings in campus and hostels to avoid theft.


Fooling is not allowed in the Campus premises, buses and hostel.
Fine will be imposed on the violators.

Students at a Glance

  1. Enrolled Students: 3750
  2. Passed Out Students: 5336

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